2021 Week 1 Recap



Reggie Baylor – #11 – ATH

Aka The Myth The Legend

The true definition of a football athlete! Reggie Baylor is mentioned as one of the greatest Seattle Bombers to ever play the game. Not many have earned the respect to play both sides of the ball in this camp but Baylor has shown why he plays both ways. At 6’1, 205 lbs. Baylor is someone you would rather be on your team than the opposing one.

Baylor single handedly took over Week 1’s game against the Royals and gave the Bombers the opportunity to win the game. Although the score was 26-20 in favor of the Royals, the true winners of that game were the Seattle Bombers.

“To come into an extremely hostile environment, where players from the 0-5 Bombers inaugural season were giving the Royals our play calls put us at a great disadvantage coming into this game. Even with that said our team faced adversity, over came the extremely bad weather and fought tooth and nail until the clock hit :00. There is nothing more you can ask from for your team” says Coach Greer. “I’m enthusiastic about what I’ve seen from our team that day and how we move forward. We won’t let anything stand in our way of greatness!”

Baylor made an impressive first start for the Bombers and became the Bombers first 100 yard player! At QB, Baylor completed 6/17 passing attempts for 72 yards 1 TD, 1INT and ran for 101 yards on 10 attempts for an average of 10.1 yards per attempt!


vs Royals

Week 1


Players of the Game

Offensive Player of the Game

Marcus Brooks (RB)

39 Rushing Yards | 14 Attempts

18 Reception Yards | 2 Attempts

Defensive Player of the Game

Kedrick Brooms (FS)

1 TD – 70 Yards Interception Return

1 Tackle


Coaches Testimonials

I believe my players won this game and I’m proud of what they accomplished. Even though I didn’t agree with many of the calls in this game as they seem to favor the opposing team, I explain to my players never let the refs determine the outcome of the game. We will work harder, strive to be stronger and stay committed to bringing an exciting team to watch.

— Head Coach Wil Greer

It was a competitive matchup that could have gone either way. Our defense held them to 67 yards on the ground with their leading rusher rushing for 12 yards. Our defense gave up 2 plays that ultimately cost us the win. We won’t dwell on these plays but use them as coaching moments to help our players achieve greater success in the future. As coaches say in moment, we are on to the next game (Hurricanes).

DC Coach Threet

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